Your nutritional Supplement Knowledge and Qualifications

by Mickey

Just wondering what your name is and how you've come across all this knowledge? I'm sorry I didn't have time to totally check out your website.

I take a lot of vitamins and supplements and want to make sure I'm taking something that will benefit me. I've read so many claims from so many companies and I don't know who to believe.

If you can fill me in, in a nutshell, I'd appreciate it. BTW, I'm a 55-year-old female, good health, but starting to see and feel the aging process.

Thanks for any info you can provide.


Nutritional-Supplement-Truths Response:

Hi Mickey, thanks for contacting me and for visiting nutritional-supplement-truths.

I'm pleased to hear that you understand the need to support your health with nutritional supplements. As you say, there is so much conflicting information out there that's it's near impossible to know who to believe.

As we age, particularly form the mid-forties onwards, the body starts to decline in its ability to produce critical compounds (for example L-Glutathione, enzymes and so on).

We also need to supplement (at any age) with specialized anti-aging nutrients which have unique properties that can slow down and normalize our aging process (which has been significantly increased due to the effects of chemical exposure and stressful living in the civilized/modern world).

An effective nutritional supplement MUST contain key specialized nutrients that can address the five fundamental causes of aging:

* Excessive Free Radicals
* Glycation
* Abnormal Methylation
* Chronic Inflammation
* DNA Degeneration

This, therefore treats and acts against premature aging (the reason why so many people are dying of debilitating degenerative disease these days at earlier and earlier ages). The human body is designed to die naturally without disease - and that should be the goal of health conscious people. It is certainly my goal.

As you work your way through nutritional-supplement-truths you'll see that the nutritional health supplement which comes out on top in my comparisons of industry leading health supplements, is, in fact, the ONLY ONE currently available whose formula does contain all these specialized ingredients to address all five of the fundamental causes of aging. (It's also the supplement I have personally used since the year 2000 - along with Omega 3 fish oil and a specialized 'Prostate-Support' supplement.)

My original career is that of a high-performance tennis coach. I toured with world-class players and I am a level '3'/ 'High Performance' coach - the highest level possible. To reach this level requires a deep knowledge of the sports sciences including nutrition, anatomy, biology, energy systems etc.

Due to my background, I have always had a keen interest in health and consequently supplements as I have gotten older. I decided to take it upon myself to do a lot of research into the subject and then took up an executive
position with a world-class supplement manufacturer who was opening a new office in South East Asia.

Whenever visitors to my site ask me about my qualifications and the source of my supplement knowledge I always reply that while I don’t have any specialized degrees nor letters after my name, I do have:

* experience from working in the supplement industry

* access to highly qualified specialists in that industry

I'd also like to tell you that I’m not ‘conditioned’ to any specific preconceived ideas about health.

It is common for health ‘professionals’ to simply copy the mainstream or ‘accepted’ views about health and disease prevention despite the fact that clinical science and studies have, in many cases, proved these ideas to be NOT TRUE.

They continue to be promoted however usually because of financial influences and sometimes because of ignorance or laziness in researching the facts.

In case you'd like to go straight to the product page to read about the health supplement (the women's version) I'm referring to above (It's called 'TOTAL BALANCE'), the following link will take you straight there.

Total Balance Women's (Premium Version)

P.S. My mother used the Total Balance Women's 'Premium' version since 2003. At the time of writing this answer, mum was 80 years of age and played golf twice a week, did weekly'seniors' strength training at the gym and lawn bowls competitions twice weekly.

Mum's cholesterol levels and high blood pressure readings significantly lowered after several months of taking Total Balance.

Mickey, it's nearly always a question of budget when it comes to premium-grade health supplementation, as it can be a significant ongoing expense, especially for retired people. (Mum for example only ever took a half daily dose of Total Balance).

There is also the 'Standard' version available (called Total Balance Women's - without the word 'Premium') which is cheaper but still well ahead of the other leading health supplements (and it still contains all those specialized anti-aging ingredients.)

As far as knowing who to trust, all I can suggest to you Mickey is to take the time to read through the key pages on my site. Start with these two:
supplement comparisons Evaluating Super Supplements.

Everything you need to know and understand regarding comparing health supplements and what to look out for is laid out.

My 'super supplements' page is a long one and goes into great detail listing all the important criteria you need to use when comparing and evaluating the quality of nutritional health supplements.

Mickey, I hope this answer is of help to you.

Yours In Good Health


Brett Seagrott founded in 2005 after working in and researching the nutritional supplement industry. Brett works together with leading health experts to present accurate facts and science-based evidence to help his readers make more informed choices when purchasing premium nutritional health supplements. More about Brett

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Mar 19, 2009
Your work speaks for itself!'
by: mike

Your working experience in the nutritional supplement industry makes you far more qualified than many of the so called experts out there with fancy degrees. You haver real life experience and knowledge. So many of your answers to peoples questions, and most of the pages on this site, are fantastic. Real answers that make sense. I love the info you reveal in your site - I've learned a lot about nutritional supplements.

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