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by Jane

I have read your nutritional supplements for the brain article and would like to know your opinion of Neuro-Natural Recall from Xtend-Life versus Brain Lightening from Novus


Brett's Answer:

Hi Jane,

Thanks for reading my nutritional supplements for the brain page.

'Neuro-Natural Recall' is a far superior neurological support supplement when compared against 'Brain Lightening' which has a rather weak formula and gives you significantly less value for money.

On the Novus website they state:

"Novus conducted a review of biotechnology products in the area of neural nutrition, and it was determined that there was no product on the market which appeared to be really effective.

Many of the most profound ingredients available were missing, or lacking other ingredients which would have really made the difference, because these ingredients are too costly or are rare to be included in mass-marketed products..."

Notice the word "mass-marketed"!

Typical clever marketing stuff.

So, I read that to mean that their review only looked at mass-marketed products. Yet their supplement is more of a professional grade supplement (not mass-marketed) costing over $100 so of course you can make claims like this if you are not going to compare apples with apples. Totally unfair and misleading.

Clearly, their review did not consider other professional grade supplements such as Neuro-Natural Memory otherwise they couldn't make such grandiose claims.

In fact, in almost all multivitamin nutritional supplement / specialty supplement comparisons, the reviewer (usually the manufacturer or its agent) only compares its product to ones it knows it can beat. They always come up with an angle that allows them to leave 'certain' competitors out.

When it comes to Xtend-Life products, particularly their flag-ship multi-nutrient health supplement Total Balance the US supplement companies always conveniently make comparisons only against other US based supplements.

Xtend-Life is in New Zealand where the regulatory environment is MUCH TOUGHER THAN THAT IN THE United States.

Now, let's look at how 'Neuro-Natural Recall' and 'Brain Lightening' shape up against one another:

'Brain Lightening':

* Costs

$110.00 for a bottle of 90 capsules although it is available at a discounted price of $69.95 plus shipping of $5.95 = $75.90. The recommended daily dose is 3 capsules.

* It has 488mgs of active ingredients per capsule.

* It has 60mcg of their key ingredient Huperzine A in three capsules.

* The amounts of many of the active ingredients are not disclosed.

Neuro-Natural Recall:

* Costs $39.45 for a bottle of 90 enteric coated tablets, or $35.50 per bottle and free shipping (2 bottles or more) if you are a member of the loyalty program. The recommended dose is 6 tablets per day.

* It has 740mgs of active ingredients per tablet. MORE THAN 50% EXTRA.

* It has 150mcgs of Huperzine A in three tablets. MORE THAN 100% EXTRA.

* It contains everything that 'Brain Lightening' does except Pregnenolone which is in Brain Lightening in an undisclosed amount. Pregnenolone is a hormone and it is unwise to consume unknown amounts of hormones.

* The amounts of all active ingredients are revealed.

* It contains many more active ingredients that are essential for the brain such as a number of herbal extracts, Alpha lipoic acid, Phosphatidyl Serine, 5-HTP, SAMe and more.

* It is enteric coated which is CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT as a number of ingredients are damaged by stomach acid.

So Jane, these points show the most important differences between these two brain supplements. And these differences are quite pronounced in terms of efficacy and value for money.

If you were to use Brain Lightening you would be paying more than double the price and your brain would be receiving a third less active ingredients, AND you'd be getting a smaller spectrum of essential ingredients in a much less bio-available form (no enteric coating).

Jane I hope this helps you with your decision.

Would you mind asking your health conscious friends to take a look at my nutritional supplement reviews which they can find in my best vitamin supplements comparisons chart

All the best and Good Health


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Mar 03, 2008
Another one on the way
by: Brett

Hi Sona,

Thanks for your kind words.

Actually, I am working on another review to add into the comparisons chart.

I'm snowed under at the moment trying to change the many pages on the site over to the new format as well as answer readers questions and write new articles etc.

Keep in mind that I only add a supplement to my comparisons page when I feel it represents one of the best vitamin supplements in the market.

Otherwise I could have 50 or more supplements in that chart but people would end up reading about 2nd rate less effective supplements.

I'd rather only talk about the very best and then separate those out for supplement consumers so that they can make a more informed choice when selecting their supplements.

Anyway, I will try to get the new review done in the next fortnight.

Stay Well,


Mar 03, 2008
Very helpful comparison
by: Sona

This is a really helpful comparison Brett.

In reading through a number of your comparisons and vitamin supplement reviews I'm starting to get a feel for what to look at and what to do when comparing these different nutritional supplements.

Thanks and please keep your multivitamin nutritional supplement reviews coming. Would love to see some more added into your comparisons chart.


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